SEC issues Resolution on DSC’s regulation

27 Jul 2021

Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of Sharjah Executive Council (SEC), chaired, on Tuesday, in the presence of Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Deputy Chairman of SEC, the weekly meeting of SEC. The Council issued Resolution No. (21) of 2021 regarding the regulation of the Department of Seaports & Customs (DSC).

The meeting, which was held in the Ruler’s Office, discussed a number of topics on its agenda to follow up on the most prominent developments in government work and plans to develop services in various government departments in the Emirate. The Council took decisions on issues concerned with various vital sectors, contributing to raising the level of services, regulating government work mechanisms and the promote the continuation of development projects in all cities and regions of the emirate.


The Council issued Resolution No. (21) of 2021 regarding the regulation of the Department of Seaports & Customs (DSC). The resolution aims to achieve the following; regulating the services and activities of the seaports in the Emirate in accordance with the best internationally adopted methods; encouraging maritime traffic and the passage of ships within the waters of the Emirate.

3- Establishing controls and procedures in everything related to stranded, sunken and abandoned ships in the waters of the Emirate; organizing the handling work inside the ports of the Emirate in accordance with the best international practices; applying security and safety standards in the Emirate’s ports in accordance with international agreements and applicable legislation; maintaining the safety of the marine environment to avoid pollution, in coordination with the concerned authorities; and strengthening partnership with the private sector in all areas of marine services to advance the economy of the Emirate.


The decision included all organizational items in terms of managing and operating seaports, responsibilities and obligations, handling work, navigation, and others.


The Council approved the cooperation agreement to be concluded between the Sharjah Social Services Department (SSSD) and the University of Sharjah (UoS), related to the provision of the professional diploma program for child protection. The program aims to enrich the knowledge of participants from the competent authorities with the basic and modern concepts of work in the areas concerned with community protection in general and child protection in particular.


The Council also discussed a set of development proposals submitted by the Department of Municipalities Affairs, Agriculture & livestock, on developing work mechanisms and providing pioneering services that contribute to the stability of residential neighborhoods and enhance social communication.